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The typical accounting cycle is manually intensive

It is vital for growing enterprises - public and private - to adopt scalable smart technologies that support their evolving nature. Cloud technologies give businesses a high return on investment by increasing efficiency and improving productivity. 


Changing needs and industry trends have demanded flexible systems, smarter collaboration methods, easy and secure remote access, and the elimination of redundant manual tasks.  Wdesk by Workiva has streamlined the financial and management reporting process to provide finance departments all of this and much more. 

Addressing Concerns

Wdesk addresses common issues all accountants face when creating and managing complex financial data, like producing inconsistent data and lacking proper change control methods.  Such issues lead to incomplete, inaccurate reports that ultimately affect the way senior management makes decisions. 


The process map below is all too familiar to management reporting teams.  This map represents the process reporting teams go through in the absence of Wdesk. 

Advanced Setup Process
Addressing Concerns

Advanced Setup Process

The launch of Wdesk has made the lives of accountants much easier.  But finding the right technology is only half the answer when it comes to financial process improvement and better workplace collaboration.  

To maximize the benefits of Wdesk, WorkOps Consulting has teamed up with Workiva to provide CFO offices a complete 'all-in-one' solution.  As an advanced certified Wdesk implementation partner, WorkOps Consulting is one of the first end-user based CPA firms available to support companies from a basic to advanced reporting document setup. 


Companies now have the convenience of a highly competent team of like-minded CPAs at their disposal. CFO's and Controllers can confidently redeploy resources in support of other important projects knowing their Wdesk implementation will be best-in-class from beginning right through to training and deployment.


Reporting Document Setup in the Workiva Platform

WorkOps offers the following services related to reporting document setup and integration in Wdesk: 

  • Single-source document setup and link optimization for your latest quarter and annual filings (including MD&A, financial statements and notes, earnings release, investor decks, analyst supplemental information packages, capital markets forms, Audit Committee and Board presentations and other executive packages);

  • Creation of robust and sustainable built-in data validations to ensure consistency of information across all reporting documents, allowing greater control over updates and changes; 


  • Creation of best practice project roll forwards, including built-in functionality for automated dates, rounding, historical data and line captioning;

  • Creation of documentation over Wdesk data handling, repositories, user access, application controls and process workflows for SOX compliance purposes, thereby strengthening internal controls over financial reporting;


  • Creation of document, workbook and presentation outlines;

  • Setting of appropriate section, document, project and folder security permissions;


  • Source link migration from Wdesk workbooks to spreadsheets;

  • Identification, inventorying and restriction of all unstructured data sources, such as key spreadsheets and manual inputs supporting external disclosures;

  • Hands-on training and materials delivered to your entire reporting team by trained CPAs  ensuring that Wdesk project maintenance does not reside in a single user; and

  • Partial or full automation of the data pull from your accounting system to the Workiva platform.

By choosing WorkOps, your team can harness the full power of Wdesk.  Reporting teams will no longer be overwhelmed by frustrating cash flow statements, cumbersome non-GAAP measures, tedious trailing 12 month KPIs and financial covenants or preparing a complete set of financial statements, MD&A and management deck in under one week.   


As seen from the process map below, with the help of WorkOps' CPA consultants, your financial reporting can be made easier, faster, more controlled and most importantly - less stressful.  

Reporting Document Setup in Wdesk
The Workiv cloud platform for financial reporting

Connect with us today to arrange a consultation or demo and let us share with you how we've helped major companies take workplace collaboration to the next level.

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