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Workiva (NYSE:WK) and WorkOps have teamed up to help companies address their technology, compliance and reporting process needs in a single comprehensive solution. Our strategic partnership combines the cutting-edge software platform by Workiva with the accounting expertise of WorkOps management consultants.  

The Workiva platform is a collaborative cloud platform for organizations to link, report and analyze their business data in real time. With Workiva, companies can improve workplace productivity, mitigate risk, and make decisions confidently with data they can trust. A single system of record gives finance teams more time to perform value-added work by eliminating repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks imposed by legacy software.  


Our partnership with Workiva enables us to provide even greater efficiencies to our clients including: 

  • Real-time collaboration across the enterprise with scalable documents;

  • Greater control through the ability to create, collect, aggregate, review and publish data-linked documents and presentations;

  • Linked numbers, text, charts and graphics that automatically update throughout all documents in the secure Workiva platform;

  • Assurance that collaborators are working with the most current data at all times, reducing operational costs related to tedious tie-outs; and

  • The availability of digital supporting documentation that make the tie-out process for stakeholders simple, fast and easy.

Our management consultants have spent many years drafting sensitive financial reporting documents in the Workiva platform, such as MD&A and financial statements. With a timely outsourced implementation service by WorkOps, CFOs and finance teams can maintain their focus on important business initiatives with the peace of mind knowing that their project setup is in the hands of dedicated professionals.  

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“We are excited to be embarking on what we think will be a mutually beneficial partnership with Workiva.  Their proprietary cloud technology together with our accounting expertise creates a powerful and comprehensive reporting solution for our clients.”

Nigel Bunbury, CEO, WorkOps Consulting Inc.

Workiva and WorkOps Consulting partnership
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